Here are the people that make our mission possible.

Board of Directors

Visionary leaders are indispensable to us. The members of our Board of Directors are community leaders who have devoted their time and energy to building successful organizations dedicated to every kind of cause. They bring their talent and expertise to help guide Penny Appeal USA to accomplishing our mission of providing development-centered programs to alleviate intergenerational poverty.

Yasmin Elhady


Yasmin is a respected attorney and public policy specialist. A federal attorney and activist, her experience spans community building, civil rights, and immigration.

Shaun Ahmad

Vice-Chair & Secretary

Shaun is a businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is President of 25 Capital Partners, a Charlotte based investment firm specializing in real-estate related assets. For the past 20 years he has been involved with several community service organizations that promote interfaith dialogue, foster racial and ethnic understanding, and work to attain poverty reduction.

Adeem Younis


A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adeem founded the charity Penny Appeal UK, which operates in 30 crisis-hit countries, alleviating poverty and providing life-transforming sustainable solutions.

Aamer Naeem


Aamer is the highly-successful CEO of Penny Appeal UK who has led the organization during an unprecedented period of growth over the last few years. His background is in Pharmacy and Business Management.


Our work would be impossible without the men and women who work tirelessly to improve the lives of community members at home and abroad. The PAUSA Staff are dedicated professionals who have committed their time and efforts to making our vision of a world without cyclical poverty possible.

Oussama Mezoui

President & CEO

Oussama is non-profit executive who has worked in a range of humanitarian non-profit organizations since 2008. He has diverse experience in program management, marketing, business development and operational management.

Ahmed Youssef

Development Manager

Ahmed Youssef has been instrumental to the development and growth of PAUSA since joining the team. Prior to moving into the non-profit sector over five years ago, Ahmed held a number of diverse sales positions.

Aysha Abdallah

Marketing & Communications Manager

Aysha is responsible for all of Penny Appeal USA's design, branding, and marketing outreach. She also works on social media and digital marketing to promote the mission of PAUSA.

Birhan Tewabe

Finance Manager

Birhan is responsible for the financial infrastructure of the organization and works closely with all departments to ensure compliance with all financial recording and reporting requirements.

Shafaq Zia

Programs Manager

Shafaq serves as the Programs Manager at Penny Appeal USA and is the driving force behind our diverse programs. Shafaq has worked on both domestic and overseas programs in the last five years.

Ruann Elbassyouni

Development Officer

Ruann recently graduated from The University of North Carolina (Charlotte) in Political Science and International Studies. She has a strong passion for helping those in need and is always a source of positivity in the organization.

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