Established 2016

Everything you need
to know about our mission.

We’re a nonprofit development organization working to alleviate poverty through sustainable programs. Our mission is to bring about an equitable world by tackling the root causes of poverty while bridging the gap between funders and poor communities in order to work together on long-term solutions that can help end intergenerational poverty.


Open communication with donors, partners, and those we serve is a cornerstone of our work. We’ve implemented regular communication to maintain that.


Sustainable programs come from sustainable institutions. It takes investment to build a nonprofit’s infrastructure. That’s why we’re asking core members to donate.


We’re driven by data to find innovative solutions to bettering the lives of those we serve. If it isn’t based in data, we’re not interested.

Our Approach

Penny Appeal’s way of doing charity is simple, and has a massive impact. We make charitable giving affordable and rewardable, ensuring everyone can help those in desperate need by donating just a few pennies each day.

Our vision is a world that’s united and strong. Communities working together, supporting one another, leaving need and poverty behind for good. Scroll down to learn more about us.

Cyclical poverty can be stopped. With your help, we’ll be able to work with diverse communities to build lasting partnerships in the fight against intergenerational poverty.

Organize a Run

Do you enjoy running? Or maybe a brisk walk? Take a run challenge!

Skydive in Orange

Take the ultimate dare. Start a campaign for a project and skydive if your challenge is met!

Host a Game Night

Whether it’s board games, trivia, or charades, host a game night for charity!