Maybe we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. You can make a BIG difference by supporting an orphaned child with food, education, healthcare, and clothing for $30/month or $360/annually.

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Million orphans  worldwide.*

Every day, approximately 5,700 children* become orphans, suffering greatly during conflicts and natural disasters and facing vulnerability to poverty, disease, stigma, and medical needs. Despite these challenges, we have the opportunity to provide them with unconditional love, shelter, healthcare, and emotional support. 

At Penny Appeal USA, we are committed to empowering these vulnerable children through compassion, aiming to make a significant impact on their lives. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for orphaned children, where together, we can make a profound difference through acts of kindness and care.

*According to UNICEF

Care for Orphans Worldwide

Sponsor 1 Orphan for $30/mo

Sponsor 3 Orphans for $90/mo

Sponsor 5 Orphans for $150/mo

Sponsor 10 Orphans for $300/mo

Current Orphan Kind Sponsorship Projects


Penny Appeal USA’s Orphan Kind program in Pakistan provides educational kits, school fees, food packs, and support to ensure orphaned children have access to education, nutrition, and a brighter future. Emphasizing girls’ education, the program motivates and trains mothers/guardians to ensure regular school attendance.

South Africa

Penny Appeal USA’s program in South Africa supports vulnerable kids with food packs, clothing, school essentials, education, and health/wellness, ensuring a brighter future for them.


Penny Appeal USA aids Syrian orphans with monthly financial support, student’s kits, transportation, health check incentives, case management, clothes, awareness training, event days, and hygiene kits.

OrphanKind Sponsorship Process


Orphan Kind Impact Success Story

Nurah's Story of Hope

Growing up in challenging circumstances in South Africa, Nurah faced numerous hardships as an orphan, along with her younger sibling. Struggling to make ends meet, they often went without proper nutrition, clothing, and access to education.

Nurah and her sibling enrolled in Penny Appeal USA’s Orphan Kind sponsorship program in South Africa and started receiving monthly food packs, ensuring they had nutritious meals to sustain their growing bodies. Quarterly clothing provisions kept them warm and dressed in dignity, instilling newfound confidence in their hearts.

Through the orphan sponsorship, they were also provided school uniforms, stationery, and educational essentials which not only brought joy to Nurah’s face but also unlocked the doors to a brighter future. Her attendance at school became consistent, her performance improved, and her passion for learning soared.

With newfound optimism, Nurah flourished academically and took her education seriously because she no longer had to wonder if she would go to bed hungry that night. She began dreaming of becoming a doctor someday, inspired by the very same medical professionals who had cared for her during the routine health checks.

Nurah’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Orphan Kind sponsorship program. With love, compassion, and support, Nurah has blossomed into a confident, educated, and aspiring young girl, ready to face the world with hope and determination. Her success story serves as an inspiration to countless others, showcasing the lasting impact of Penny Appeal USA’s commitment to nurturing dreams and empowering young lives.

After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Such was the case in Pakistan, when Arsalan Iftikar visited. The foundation is sturdy - exactly what every child needs. Watch the video to see the updates as construction continues.

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