Penny Appeal USA at Home

Since 2016, we have been responding to emergencies and tackling the root causes of poverty by supporting projects and services that lead to tangible positive changes in the lives of everyday Americans. With your help, we can provide resources and access to those a little closer to home.
Make a BIG difference
Million people lived in Poverty in 2016
Poverty is defined as making less than the Federal government’s official poverty threshold which for a family of four is about $24,000.00. One in every five children in America lives in a family that struggles to pay for the basics we all take for granted a in life such as a comfortable home and three meals a day. According to 2016 US Census Data, Native Americans, African Americans and Latino Americans are impacted the most.

Our Work


Digital Divide

Digital literacy is about more than learning how to use technology.
Give students the tools to design, build, and create their own futures.

Domestic Violence

1 in 3 women have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. That means that 1 in 3 of your loved ones, friends or family members may be a survivor of domestic violence. Support Penny Appeal USA’s domestic violence shelter in honor of a loved one who may be suffering in silence. Help provide safety to women and their children who need a secure place to lay their heads.

Emergencies at Home

Over the last three years, we have responded to Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey.

Back to School

Help students and their parents start the school year right.

Stories from the Field

Hurricane Maria

Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

We compiled 30 Shelter Restoration kits that were distributed to the worst-hit homes in the greater Barranquitas area. The kits not only benefitted the families who received them but also their neighbors as resources were shared generously between neighbors. Each kit contained the most needed non-electric tools and gadgets that were specially selected for post-Maria conditions.

Program Reports