Digital Divide

Penny Appeal is collaborating with multiple schools in low-income districts across the United States to equip teachers and students with brand new mobile labs, software, projectors, and WiFi access in an effort to bridge the digital divide.

We’re helping schools to better position their students to be able to compete in the Digital Age.

A growing digital divide threatens children going to school in low-income districts. To address this disparity, Penny Appeal USA is working with Title I schools to provide technological resources to schools, and digital literacy education to students and parents, to ensure each child has equal access to the tools they need to succeed in the Digital Age.

Digital literacy is about more than learning how to use technology. We give students the tools to design, build, and create their own futures.

Digital literacy is about more than understanding how to use a computer. It’s about how to use the power of technology to bring ideas to life and solve the complex problems that society faces. By focusing on Digital Literacy and providing technological resources to schools, we’re able to work with schools to unleash the creative power of students.

You can be a part of that experience.

We’re providing digital literacy classes to parents to help them provide support to their children.

A child’s education doesn’t only take place at school, but also in the home. We understand that reality, so we’re providing digital literacy education to parents to empower them to provide the educational support for their children.

Donate a brighter future.

Each dollar you contribute gives teachers and school administrators a greater chance to prepare their students for the digital world. By donating one of the packages, you’re investing in the future of a child; a future in which he/she is able to discover and solve the complex problems they face throughout life.

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