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60 million people live in rural societies.*

As part of our efforts to eradicate poverty in a sustainable way, our income generation programs focus on providing rural communities with the tools and skills they need to escape poverty once and for all. You can help break the cycle of poverty by providing families with the resources they need to sustain themselves.

*Census Bureau

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Livestock Gifts

Support agricultural families by supplementing their household income with an adult pregnant goat.

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Olive Trees

Empower small scale farmers through increasing cultivated land with Olive seedlings.

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Vegetable Gardens

Decrease the dependency and need for immediate food aid in hunger struck countries by digging sustainable gardens.

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Planting 1,000 Olive Trees

Ramallah, Palestine

Olive farmers and olive oil production is the main source of making living for poor families, women led families and small farmers. It is highly important to support these vulnerable groups by providing olive seedlings to expand their olive farms in order to enhance their family source of income. This will enhance the household income of women led families, vulnerable and families with disability.

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