Livestock Gifts

Provide livestock to financially secure the futures of agricultural communities.

Our Program

Through the provision of livestock, local women are able to earn a livelihood and share the economic burden of their male counterparts. They are also able to gain a higher social and economic status where they will have the right to take part in the process of decision making.

Why Livestock?

In addition to generating additional income for Low-Income families, they can improve living conditions of low-income families (particularly women-led), and help reduce malnutrition in the community as a whole.

Stories From The Field

Kalsoom Bibi


Kalsoom Bibi and Ansar Bibi are each recipients of pregnant goats. Within 15 days of the distribution, the goats birthed an offspring. When asked what impact these goats have on the livelihood of their families, they responded: “Our children are able to drink milk twice a day and will stay healthy. It is a sigh of relief for our family to know that we can start over a new life now.”

Program Reports