Palestine Emergency​

Help us provide emergency aid to Gaza including food, clean water, medical assistance, and shelter during this critical time.

Palestine Emergency

Help us provide emergency aid to Gaza including food, clean water, medical assistance, and shelter during this critical time.

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Emergency in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza need your urgent help as airstrikes have caused loss of innocent lives and many more injuries. Help our brothers and sisters in Palestine by providing life-saving emergency aid including food, clean water, medical assistance, and shelter during this critical time.

What has Penny Appeal USA done for Gaza?
  • We’ve proudly been working in Palestine since our inception in 2016, with projects such as rooftop vegetable gardens, olive tree groves, and vocational training–all focused on building up the capacity of the civilian population.
  • In October 2023, we responded immediately to the emergency in Gaza by locally procuring and distributing emergency food and hygiene supplies through our local partner.
  • With your generous support, we’ve sent in essential aid through designated UN channels, getting life-saving food and supplies where few others can.
  • We are continuing to distribute locally-procured supplies while also supporting trucks bringing in essential aid from Egypt.
  • Over the next few months, we will continue to support food and water distributions to those in need, along with hygiene and sanitation efforts in the shelters. 

How We're Delivering Aid to Gaza

Penny Appeal USA is well-positioned to provide aid directly to those most in need within Gaza. We draw on our longstanding, established relationships with local, Palestinian partner organizations within Gaza itself, each of whom has already gone through our rigorous due diligence process and has extensive experience providing emergency aid in the most challenging operating environments. We’ve previously worked in Palestine to provide emergency food, water, and medical relief, and have also led sustainability-based projects to provide vocational training to young adults and holistic orphan care.

In certain exceptional circumstances, such as in Gaza where a complete aid blockade is enforced, our fundraising efforts persist. The reason behind this approach is that once the blockade is lifted, we can swiftly procure the necessary aid and supplies as per the needs assessment conducted by our trusted partners.

Penny Appeal USA collaborates with reputable local organizations that hold UN registration, enabling them to secure essential supplies and services. These partner organizations undergo a thorough screening process to ensure compliance with both U.S. government requirements and Penny Appeal USA’s programmatic and reporting standards. They also perform real-time needs assessments to identify individuals or communities in dire need of assistance.

Our Gaza-based partner NGOs, registered with the UN and other relevant agencies, have access to central warehouses that stockpile relief items. These warehouses serve as hubs for the distribution of essential supplies throughout Gaza.

When the blockade of humanitarian aid is eventually lifted, we will collaborate with our partners to replenish these warehouses and continue the distribution of much-needed relief items. Additionally, whenever it is safe, we request photographic and video of aid distribution to ensure transparency and accountability.

Provide life-saving aid to Palestine

Food Packages
$50 One-Time or Monthly

Our food packs contain nutritional items like rice, flour, oil, and milk powder, and can support families at this critical time.

Family Essentials Kit
$100 One-Time or Monthly

Basic necessities such as hygiene items and baby diapers. Provide families comfort and protection against diseases.

Shelter $350 One-Time or Monthly

Give a family warmth, security, and protection by providing them with shelter, including mattresses and blankets.

Complete Emergency Pack
$500 One-Time or Monthly

Provide Food Pack, Family Essentials Kit, and Shelter to the survivors in this time of extreme crisis.

How do our Emergency Response efforts work?

During emergencies, there’s no time to waste! Putting a humanitarian relief campaign together takes time that victims of disaster or conflict may not have. That’s why we often pledge or commit an amount before turning to you to raise funds. 

When your donations go over the amount we pledged, we either return the excess into a General Emergency Response fund so that we can respond quickly for the next emergency, or we run a phase II of the campaign if the need is still urgent. 

Your donations often cover what we spend, but not always. When we’re short, we use funds from the General Emergency Response pool. 

In an emergency, we do our best to use all our funding for that particular emergency as soon as possible or in phases. We believe in transparency with our donors and value every penny you trust us with. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about where your donations go! 

Our Projects in Palestine

Vegetable Gardens

Decrease the dependency and need for immediate food aid in hunger struck countries by digging sustainable gardens.

Olive Trees

Empower small scale farmers through increasing cultivated land with Olive seedlings.

Sponsor An Orphan

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare and an education to orphaned children in over eight countries.

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