Samira’s Story of Success

Samira, a college student, was determined to make a difference in the face of tragedy in Gaza. Driven by solidarity, she organized a protest for Palestine by her community at school. Motivated to make a broader impact, she expanded her efforts to start a fundraising campaign with Penny Appeal USA to provide urgent support to the people of Gaza.

Samira’s story is one of resilience and empathy, driven by a desire to make a difference. During her college life, she found a moment that would inspire her to contribute more—a protest for Palestine organized by her community at school. The solidarity and shared purpose she witnessed resonated deeply.

Last summer, Samira initiated her first campaign with Penny Appeal USA, fundraising for the Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina. With determination and commitment, she successfully raised $1,400 for new furniture and kitchenware to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for the residents.

Motivated to make a broader impact and lend her voice to crucial causes, Samira expanded her efforts with our organization. She conducted a campaign for the unfortunate incident last year at Al Aqsa Mosque, raising $5,600. This helped with addressing the immediate needs by providing food, shelter, and basic necessities to our impacted Palestinian brothers and sisters. 

In October 2023, she reached out again starting her latest campaign for Palestine- Urgent Relief in Gaza. She has already raised over $1,500 which is both inspiring and meaningful to support efforts in Gaza. 

Samira reflects on her journey, feeling “nervous and overwhelmed at first, but I reminded myself that this effort was for a good cause—for the sake of Allah and to support our community,”. 

She learned to connect with friends, and family and leverage social medical networks to spread the word. The support poured in, not just in the form of monetary contributions but in the form of shared empathy and a shared commitment to making a difference.

Samira emphasizes that “every small effort matters, and every act of kindness contributes to the greater good,” and her advice is for people to take the first step and “never give up; keep spreading the word, even if it feels nerve-wracking,”.

In a time filled with challenges after another, Samira’s efforts are a reminder that every voice, every effort, and every penny counts. Her journey exemplifies the strength that lies in unity, the resilience born from empathy, and the potential for change when hearts align for a common cause. Please support our brothers and sisters in Gaza through her campaign here which will go towards offering food and emergency supplies. 

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A photo from a recent project in Rafah City, where Penny Appeal USA provided 225 pregnant and lactating women with clothing and dignity kits.