Beneficiary Stories

Thirst Relief by Hafeez Bibi

Hafeez Bibi struggled with the pull of having to walk miles into her village for water versus staying at home to mend for her two young children who often fall ill and constantly require costly medication. Thanks to our Thirst Relief program and your generous donations, we were able to install a hand-sized water pump into her home and relieve her of that so now she can afford to send her children to school!

This water facility is changing our life. We have started some savings for our future. We will educate our children. We are happy and thankful to team, village committee, Youth Educational Foundation and Penny Appeal that has provided us water at our door step. – The Husband

Water Pumps, Pakistan

OrphanKind by Mohammed Abu Selmia

Mohammed’s father was a Pharmacist until he fell ill and passed away in 2016, leaving him behind with his two siblings. However, Mohammed is greater than the tragedies that have befallen him. He still marks one of the highest in his class, plays soccer with friends, and memorizes the Quran regularly.

Invest in Mohammed’s dreams to follow his father’s footsteps and donate what you can today.

Vegetable Gardens by Mallam Ismail Tsaiko

Mallam attended one of the two farming sessions on agricultural training to sustain his garden. By learning how to make fresh fertilizer, build a canal, and be an entrepreneur for his home-grown products. He has gone from reliant upon others to an independent business man. We are so proud of Mallam and the many others who are doing just as well from these programs.

Don’t just read about the change, be a part of it! Donate now.

Vegetables Gardens, Nigeria

Digital Divide by Azizah Ali

Islah Academy is a grade school in Southern Los Angeles whose mission is to bring students up upon Islamic principles in hopes of raising not just a student, but a wholesome individual. They do their best to hold tight to the fundamentals of Islam despite the fact that they ve lost nearly two generations of the Muslim community due to the destructive environment of the inner city. After having installed a computer lab in their school two years ago, interest and engagement sky rocketed more than ever from the kids.

You assume that everyone has tablets and computers in the home, but we are dealing with a different level of poverty here that they don’t have that access. Because of the grants from Penny Appeal, we have the computers, the tablets, the robotics kits that we use…and the kids are more engaged than ever.

Beyond Bagged Lunches by Keian Kaserman Franklin Square is a centralized prime spot that most of the homeless community gravitates towards in centralized Washington, DC. We’ve regularly made efforts to personally talk to the community and hear what they need rather than giving handouts of what we might assume of them. By talking to them one-on-one and establishing a bond or a familiar face, they know the drill when they see the orange tablecloths roll out.

Honestly, I think our hygiene kits lasted them a few days, maybe a week. But they definitely liked us talking to them and sharing their stories; that might have a lasting impact on them. Feeling that someone wants your input and is coming back to help and bring stuff you asked for specifically.

Franklin Square, Washington DC

Income Generation by Ansar and Kalsoom Bibi

Ansar and Kalsoom Bibi are not only a couple in Pakistan but also recipients of our income generation program. Penny Appeal USA went to an impoverished village and provided 80 rural poor women with a pregnant goat which then brings them meat, milk, wool, and more. Through this program, they are now educated in rural farming, raising livestock, and have value in trading with their local markets.

Our children are able to drink milk twice a day and will stay healthy. It is a sigh of relief for our family to know that we can start over a new life now.”

Contribute to their familys happiness by sponsoring livestock for families like this one.