Thirst Relief

Access to clean, safe water is a human right.

Providing communities with access to clean, safe water not only saves lives; it’s the first step to generating sustainable economic activity.

Water is at the heart of development. It impacts every aspect of a person’s life.

Investing in clean, safe water leads directly to economic growth.

By providing access to clean, safe drinking water—as well as sanitation and hygiene education—you can promote educated and healthy societies.

Water-borne illnesses account for over 1.5 million deaths per year.

Dirty water accounts for over 1.5 million deaths per year. Each of those lives can be saved by a simple solution: access to clean, safe water.

Access to clean, safe water means healthier lives.

Clean water means girls can complete their education.

About 50% of girls worldwide attend schools without toilets.

Women and girls are the biggest casualties of lack of access to clean, safe water. With women taking the role of collecting water, and girls lacking access to sanitation and hygiene facilities at school, women are locked in a cycle of poverty. By providing clean water, you can change that.

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You can provide clean, safe water to a community by building a well in your name or that of a loved one.

Starting at $35/mo. you can ensure that a community receives access to safe, clean water!


$425 or $35/mo.


$425 or $35/mo.


$425 or $35/mo.


$425 or $35/mo.


$1,300 or $110/mo.


$2,000 or $165/mo.


$2,800 or $235/mo.


$4,800 or $400/mo.


$4,800 or $400/mo.


$4,800 or $400/mo.


$5,000 or $420/mo.

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