Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods

Sudanese authorities have declared a 3-month state of emergency as severe flooding of the Nile River has taken over 100 lives, and displaced 500,000 people, including 125,000 refugees. Over 100,000 families have lost their homes in 16 states. The Nile’s water levels rose to the highest levels seen in 100 years due to climate change as Sudan has become one of the most vulnerable countries.

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Our team is on the ground*

Sudanese families are struggling to find food and water as over 2,000 water sources have been contaminated. Our emergency response team is preparing to provide food and hygiene kits to people in need in Khartoum State, Sudan's Capital, and hardest hit by the floods.

*Once the initial Emergency Period is over, all funds, monthly donations and projects will be redirected to other urgent global emergencies.

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