Why Sadaqah Jariyah?

The unique and sustainable projects we have created across the world give us all the option to make a difference to the lives of people for years to come, ensuring that we also join in the benefit of an ongoing reward. Penny Appeal USA's programs have been designed with this beautiful act of giving in mind.

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A gift that continues to give

Sadaqah Jariyah is a beautiful, sustainable and ongoing form of charity. The rewards of giving this kind of charity can be reaped in this lifetime, and even after we have passed away. Sadaqah Jariyah, or waqf, has the power to radically change the way we give. When you give Sadaqah Jariyah, you are investing in sustainable projects, whose positive effects and blessings will last for years to come. We have amazing Sadaqah Jariyah gifts and programs, from building wells to sponsoring orphans, which have transformed thousands of lives for generations.

Sponsor an Orphan for $30/mo

Your generous gift can help support one orphaned child in more than 9 countries. When an orphan


Dig a Well for $35/mo

We believe the best gifts are those that impact the lives of many. Show someone you love how much you care by building a well in their honor.


Plant an Olive Tree for $20/Tree

Help supplement the income of Palestinian farmers by planting an Olive Tree today.


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Start Your Sadaqah Jariyah project by bringing family and friends together for one goal!

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