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We’re working to assist vulnerable children and families who travel long distances to flee conflict and fear. With your support we link refugees with psychosocial support, interpretation/mediation services, legal counseling and intercultural, educational and recreational activities.

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Refugees resettled in the U.S. in 2018

Our program aims to help refugee families and communities restart their lives after a period of displacement.

Ipad Project with Amana Refugee Services*

Houston, Texas

We partnered with Amana Refugee Services to provide personal computers for women-led refugee households.Having these resources not only positively impacts student attainment in schools, but also affords mothers the opportunity to look for work and learn English at home. Without the laptops or tablets, access to banking, job search, and online help resources becomes more difficult and hinders the resettlement process for families. The program trained 15 refugee households and equipped each with a computer or laptop to help them become independent as well as ease their integration into their new communities. *The images have been blurred for the privacy of the refugee women.

Blog: We Must Never Forget our Responsibility to the World’s Refugees

This World Refugee Day, Oussama Mezoui, our President and CEO, urges all of us to do our part to help refugees and shares his personal story.

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