Palestine Water Tanker

Help provide clean water to schools, orphanages and
 hospitals by supporting a Gaza Water Tanker.

EU warns that

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of Gaza’s water is “unfit for human use”

Severe water shortages are widespread, and the situation is only worsening.  Some households only receive a trickle of water every couple of days; families are rationing their water or paying a hugely inflated price to have access to extra provisions - countless people don’t have the means to do so, and are forced to use salty, diseased water.

Our Program

Clean water is a basic necessity, but in Gaza, it is incredibly difficult to get. People are forced to drink dirty, salty water, which can make them ill. For orphans, the elderly and the sick, diseases caused by dirty water can be life-threatening.

Whole Communities rely on the clean water

Gaza, Palestine

By supporting a Gaza Water Tanker, you can provide safe water to the people who need it the most. We will deliver clean water directly to schools, orphanages, and hospitals. Our tanker also provides water to places of worship and community water tanks, so that people can collect clean water for washing, cooking, and cleaning.

The Water tanker can fight diseases and provide agricultural independence

Gaza, Palestine

For those who rely on agriculture, there isn't enough water to keep their crops and animals healthy; plants die and milk yields drop, putting livelihoods at risk. Poor sewage infrastructure further compounds the problems, and with high temperatures, food shortages, and limited access to medical care, the lack of water can be life-threatening, especially to the most vulnerable.

How You Can Help

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