The people in Karachi, Pakistan need your help.

Streets and homes were flooded with sewage water with the city’s outdated drainage and waste systems overwhelmed by another monsoon season. Hundreds of people were evacuated from flooded neighborhoods with some families wading through waist-high water. Every year, many cities in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning. The monsoon season runs from July through September, with swelling rivers damaging crops and infrastructure. Flooding had damaged bridges and highways, cutting off Gawadar, a port city on the Arabian Sea.

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Our team is on the ground

During the past week, our emergency team has been able to respond immediately by delivering water and food to families that have been affected by the monsoon rains.

*Once the initial Emergency Period is over, all funds, monthly donations and projects will be redirected to other urgent global emergencies.

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