Our OrphanKind Children’s Village in Gambia is designed to help transform the lives of disadvantaged orphan children, offering them a better future in a secure family setting.

Children should smile, play, and have fun. Losing one or both parents shouldn’t change that.

Our OrphanKind Village is designed to make sure of it. By providing each child with all the essentials for their emotional, psychological, and physical growth, we can help every orphan pave a way to a brighter future in the face of tremendous loss.

We’re building a community centered around nurturing orphaned children.

Each of the homes in the village houses 10 orphan children and together with a trained foster mother, they form a family. The community is designed to provide for the complete nurturing of each child through education, access to quality healthcare, and the love of a foster mother to tend to their emotional and psychological needs.

Education is the great leveler. For the children in Orphankind, the education we provide unlocks a brighter future.

Raising a child is about more than providing food and shelter; it’s about providing nourishment for their entire well-being. Our program is designed to work with each child to monitor and improve their intellectual, psychological, emotional, and spiritual development. And by maintaining a culturally-sensitive approach, we can help each child stay connected with their local community.

Donate a brick or one hundred.

Each package below helps us complete the orphan village and maintain it with full support for every orphaned child who walks through its doors.

Recurring monthly donations of $20 help provide sustainability and ensures continuity or the Orphan Village for all the children.

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