It takes a village to raise a child.

Our OrphanKind program is designed to help transform the lives of disadvantaged orphan children, offering them a better future in a secure family setting.

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Children deserve the most in life. That's why we've made orphan sponsorships a communal project.

Orphaned children deserve the best in life. That's why we've opted to do away with the 1:1 model. With multiple donors providing each child with all the essentials for their emotional, psychological, and physical growth, we can help every orphan pave a sustainable way to a brighter future in the face of tremendous loss.

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We’re building communities centered around nurturing orphaned children.

Each of the homes in our OrphanKind village houses 10 orphan children and together with a trained foster mother, they form a family. The community is designed to provide for the complete nurturing of each child through education, access to quality healthcare, and the love of a foster mother to tend to their emotional and psychological needs.

Build a Village

Whether you sponsor an orphan or help build an orphanage, we'll send you a detailed report after 12 months!

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