Income Generation

Our income generation project aims to build capacity and promote self-reliance among struggling farmers and widows through improved income and social status.

Rural farming and herding plays a crucial and important role in many parts of the world.

Many herders around the world depend on their cattle. Since cows need a lot of water and grass to survive, Penny Appeal will be providing families in need with goats. They are resilient and known to eat anything.

We’re promoting sustainability and resilience among rural farmers.

Goat farming plays a prominent role in supplementing the income of rural households particularly among landless, marginal, small farmers. With climate change playing a major factor in the drying up of water sources and grass, relying on goats is quickly becoming the sustainable alternative for many rural farmers.

Donate a goat or a herd.

Each package below gives families in rural communities an opportunity to generate income. Goats are not only resilient livestock, but they add to the wealth of nomadic and agrarian communities, helping them survive through periods of drought.

1 Goat

2 Goats (1 male, 1 female)


5 Goats (4 female, 1 male)