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Support a family sustainably with a livestock gift that keeps giving.

For $190, your gift of one goat can help a family begin generating income while building a brighter, more economically-secure future for tomorrow.

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Help make programs like Income Generation sustainable by donating a small, monthly gift of $30.

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Every donor to our income generation and livestock gifts programs receives a report. Check out the report for 2016 donors by clicking below.

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Rural farming and herding plays a crucial and important role in many parts of the world.

Many herders around the world depend on their cattle. Since cows need a lot of water and grass to survive, Penny Appeal will be providing families in need with goats. They are resilient and known to eat anything.

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We’re promoting sustainability and resilience among rural farmers.

Goat farming plays a prominent role in supplementing the income of rural households particularly among landless, marginal, small farmers. With climate change playing a major factor in the drying up of water sources and grass, relying on goats is quickly becoming the sustainable alternative for many rural farmers.

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