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Our OrphanKind Villages program is designed to help transform the lives of disadvantaged orphan children who have no extended family to live with, offering them a better future in a clean, safe and loving environment.

Facts & Figures

Each of the 10 homes in our OrphanKind Villages houses 10 orphaned children, and together with a trained foster mother, they form a family unit.

The community is designed to provide for the complete nurturing of each child through education, access to quality healthcare, and the love of a foster mother to tend to their emotional and psychological needs.

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Sohawa, Punjab Province

Bungalows in the village are equipped with modern facilities such as beds, kitchens, conducive sitting rooms, dining halls, modern bathrooms, air conditioners and indoor play materials. Other facilities available to make the complex more habitable for the children, foster mothers and staff include a reliable electricity and water supply, outdoor play materials and a basketball court as well as a place of worship. The complex has the all the required facilities conducive to a caring and protective environment for the orphan children and their foster mothers.

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