Beyond Bagged Lunches

We’re tackling the root causes of hunger by supporting projects that lead to tangible positive changes in the lives of the homeless.

Let’s work together to sustainably improve the delivery of food to the homeless.

Many of us have spent years volunteering with community organizations who regularly deliver food to the homeless. This work is vital and for many homeless individuals it provides them with their only chance of getting a warm meal. At Penny Appeal we not only want to help you improve your regular feedings but work with you to sustainably improve the lives of the homeless people you serve.

We’re supporting projects that lead to tangible, sustainable food security.

We are providing grant opportunities to community organizations who are going beyond just regular feedings to supporting micro-enterprise initiatives which enhance access to sustainable sources of food and income for the homeless. The objectives of these grants are: (1) improve nutrition of women, children, and men; and (2) increase the incomes of neglected, urban communities in the United States.

Providing food for the homeless is a logistical problem. Not a food problem.

There’s more than enough food in this world to ensure that no person goes to bed hungry. Support our efforts to promote domestic food security through innovative partnerships with local organizations.

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