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Beyond Bagged Lunches

Bridging technology and services.

We're combining the power of technology and philanthropy to provide greater access to social services for the most vulnerable in society.

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Check out our 2017 Livestock Gifts report.

Discover how we were able to provide rural families with a means of income generation through the support of people like you.

Help make programs like Beyond Bagged Lunches sustainable by donating a small, monthly gift of $10.
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We developed a cutting-edge social services app to help 35,000 people in need in 2017 alone.

We partnered with The Jesse Tree to develop a guided social services app that connects refugees, immigrants, and working-class families to the resources that are available to them from local, state, and federal agencies. Support our efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions to providing access to social services today.

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We’re supporting projects that lead to tangible, sustainable food security.

We are providing grant opportunities to community organizations who are going beyond just regular feedings to supporting micro-enterprise initiatives which enhance access to sustainable sources of food and income for the homeless. The objectives of these grants are: (1) improve nutrition of women, children, and men; and (2) increase the incomes of neglected, urban communities in the United States.

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