Domestic & International

No family should have to experience intergenerational poverty.

We’re tackling cyclical poverty by addressing the root causes here in America and abroad.

Domestic Programs

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    Digital Divide

    Penny Appeal is collaborating with multiple schools in low-income districts across the United States to help bridge the technological digital divide.

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    Beyond Bagged Lunches

    We are providing grant opportunities to community organizations who are going beyond just regular feedings to supporting micro-enterprise initiatives which enhance access to sustainable sources of food and income for the homeless.

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International Programs

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    Thirst Relief

    Water is at the heart of life. Through Thirst Relief, we’re ensuring that families have greater access to safe drinking water. By ending the water crisis, we alleviate the negative impact of dirty water on health, livelihood, and education.

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    Our OrphanKind program is designed to help transform the lives of disadvantaged orphan children, offering them a better future in a secure family setting.

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  • In Ethiopia's Ghibe valley, ILRI-led Tsetse Fly control methods have allowed cattle to flourish in an area previously almost uninhabitable for them. This has encouragd more farming in the area, relieving to a degree population and soil erosion pressures in higher, Tsetse free, elevations. Such is the impact this has had on the livelihood of farmer Worku Mengiste that he is now able to employ two casual labourers to do work he previously did himself. Here he watches on as they plough his field.

    Income Generation

    Being able to provide for your family empowers an individual in ways that nothing else can. Our income generation programs provide opportunities for families to earn their own living and break out of the cycle of poverty.

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