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Penny Appeal USA is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through our innovative and sustainable programming around the world. 

Penny Appeal USA Empowering Orphaned Children through Education

Penny Appeal USA recognizes the impact of education as a catalyst for empowering orphaned children, breaking the cycle of poverty, boosting self-confidence and resilience, fostering decision-making and leadership skills, and is committed to ensuring their access to quality education through scholarships, learning centers, teacher training, and vocational programs, enabling them to unlock their full potential and create a brighter future.

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Income Generation in Gaza, Palestine

The North Gaza governorate is one of the poorest areas in Palestine, with high rates of food insecurity and unemployment. Families often resort to negative coping strategies such as taking children out of school to work. The PAEEP partnered with Penny Appeal USA to help Issa Abu Amsha’s family in setting up income generating activities like livestock farming, providing them with training and resources. The additional income is expected to improve their situation and support Issa’s son’s education.

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How Feed Our World is Empowering Local Communities

Penny Appeal USA’s Feed Our World program impacts local communities by fostering empowerment, self-sufficiency, and pride through initiatives promoting small-scale agriculture, micro-enterprise development, and vocational training, emphasizing nutrition education and balanced diets, reshaping community dynamics through collaboration and cooperation.

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A Year of Impact: Spreading Warmth and Hope in Challenging Winters

Penny Appeal USA provided warmth and aid to over 25,000 individuals across five countries in 2022. As we face the challenges of the coldest winter yet, your ongoing support becomes crucial in extending aid to vulnerable families. Beyond physical essentials, your generosity offers a lifeline of hope, piercing through the darkness of winter.

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