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Penny Appeal USA is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through our innovative and sustainable programming around the world. 

Fayrouz Bailey’s Journey of Resilience and Hope

Through Penny Appeal USA’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program, 11-year-old Fayrouz Bailey from South Africa, has found resilience and hope, with your support providing education, nutrition, and empowerment, demonstrating the transformative power of compassion and commitment in shaping a brighter future for disadvantaged children.

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Samira’s Story of Success

Samira, a college student, was determined to make a difference in the face of tragedy in Gaza. Driven by solidarity, she organized a protest for Palestine by her community at school. Motivated to make a broader impact, she expanded her efforts to start a fundraising campaign with Penny Appeal USA to provide urgent support to the people of Gaza.

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Making Every Moment Count this Ramadan!

You can make a BIG difference this Ramadan with Penny Appeal USA. Not only are you supporting people in need around the world, but you’re providing them with sustainable solutions to problems, empowering them with brighter futures!

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