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Penny Appeal USA is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through our innovative and sustainable programming around the world. 

Clean Water Brings Hope in Gaza, Palestine

Discover the inspiring story of a woman’s determination to create a brighter future for marginalized children in Al-Karamah, Gaza Strip. Learn about the transformative power of partnerships and the vital role clean water plays in the well-being and development of children in underserved communities.

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Restoring Hope to Afghanistan in Ramadan

Discover the powerful impact of Penny Appeal USA’s Ramadan food packs project in Afghanistan as we delve into inspiring stories showcasing how these food packs have brought relief, nourishment, and renewed hope to vulnerable families facing significant hardships.

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Bringing Hope Through Food in Myanmar

Penny Appeal USA continues to provide essential aid to those in need in countries around the world, including Myanmar. Ma Sajidah, Daw Fatimah, and Daw Jannah are just a few examples of the many families in Myanmar who struggle to put food on the table. Penny Appeal USA’s food packs,

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The Power of Safe Drinking Water in Somalia

Showcasing the incredible impact of Penny Appeal USA’s partnership with the Somali Youth for Peace and Development (SYPD) in transforming the lives of Deefow West village residents in Somalia. Highlighting the importance of access to clean and safe drinking water and importance of providing this basic human right to communities in need.

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Income Generation in Gaza, Palestine

The North Gaza governorate is one of the poorest areas in Palestine, with high rates of food insecurity and unemployment. Families often resort to negative coping strategies such as taking children out of school to work. The PAEEP partnered with Penny Appeal USA to help Issa Abu Amsha’s family in setting up income generating activities like livestock farming, providing them with training and resources. The additional income is expected to improve their situation and support Issa’s son’s education.

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