There shouldn’t be a gap between donors, volunteers, and communities in need.

Our Fantastic4K initiative is designed to help us sustainably accomplish that mission.

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Donor Testimonials

  • testimonials_sue

    F4K is a really great option for me because it allows me to continuously contribute keeping me conscious of the campaigns I am supporting.

    Sue Peters, Chicago
  • testimonials_jon

    F4K gives me the ability to be involved in the ongoing and exciting volunteer opportunities I can partake in.

    Jon Frey, Bethesda, MD
  • testimonials_kayla

    F4K allows me to give at my own pace and stay up to date with the causes I'm supporting.

    Kayla Green, Miami, FL

Why is Fantastic4K so important?

Fantastic4K is more than just a collaborative initiative. It is an attempt by Penny Appeal USA to build a family of 4000 members to support us becoming an exemplary multi-cultural non-profit working to eradicate poverty with sustainable programs. We want you to be part of a pioneer group of partners (not simply disengaged donors) and help us move beyond the typical lackluster relationships that non-profits often have with their contributors. In order to eradicate poverty we are going to need your personal experience, insight, networks, and skills!

All it takes to join the family is $10/month, that’s just under 33 cents a day. Small change, big difference! You will be among the first to receive information on Penny Appeal USA projects (including volunteer trips), and have your name be immortalized at the Penny Appeal USA headquarters!


Become a Team Orange ‘Konnector’ by signing up as a fundraiser and having your friends and relatives join the Fantastic 4k Family too. Konnectors are frequently creative individuals who climb mountains, hike through passes, and dive to support Penny Appeal USA’s domestic and international programs