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The situation in Palestine continues to worsen as Palestinians are losing lives, homes and basic rights.

As Palestinians fear for the worst and the violence continues to escalate, emergency support is urgently needed!

Donate now to provide First Aid, Medicines, and Medical Supplies, as well as contributing towards hospital care for injured Palestinians.

West Bank Response:

The aim is to support Emergency ground operations to provide first aid and medical services to those injured and aim at minimizing the influx to hospitals.

Gaza Response:

Support emergency medical devices to be delivered among the emergency departments at hospitals working in the conflict affected and no-go-zones of Gaza.

Emergency Response teams have faced major challenges: including preventing access to injured cases, stopping ambulances at checkpoints inside the city and sometimes delaying response, as well as being targeted with gas, sewage water, and rubber bullets.

Your donations will help those in need of medical aid to those injured in the attacks.

Please donate generously towards the following programs:

  • Emergency Response

    Emergency First Aid for $25
  • Emergency Response

    Medicines for $50
  • Emergency Response

    Medical Equipment & Supplies for $150
  • Emergency Response

    Full Medical kit for $2500

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Support Palestinian farmers with these quality Palestinian dates.

Our Medjoul dates are sweet, juicy, and delicious. They are grown with love by hard-working Palestinian farmers in the pastures of Jericho along the West Bank of Palestine. The dates come packaged in a beautiful, bright blue aluminum tin box that converts into a fun money-box.

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Our Work

In Palestine

Vegetable Gardens

Decrease the dependency and need for immediate food aid in hunger struck countries by digging sustainable gardens.

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Olive Trees

Empower small scale farmers through increasing cultivated land with Olive seedlings.

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Sponsor an Orphan

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare and an education to orphaned children in over eight countries.

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Planting 1,000 Olive Trees

Ramallah, Palestine

Olive farmers and olive oil production is the main source of making living for poor families, women led families and small farmers. It is highly important to support these vulnerable groups by providing olive seedlings to expand their olive farms in order to enhance their family source of income. This will enhance the household income of women led families, vulnerable and families with disability.