Climate Crisis: #TheHumanCost

There are already more climate refugees in the world than refugees created by conflict.
Join the race for climate relief to build back a better and more sustainable world for tomorrow


It is a crisis of now, not just for future generations.

“Climate change continues to cause increased humanitarian stress as it exacerbates food insecurity, water scarcity, conflict, migration and other trends.”
— Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

It is the world’s most vulnerable people who are made to bear the brunt of climate change, though they are the least responsible for causing it. Climate change is causing hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, flooding, and cyclones. We are currently witnessing  terrifying scales of destruction and devastation. It is harming those who are already coping with poverty, conflict, and violence.  An increasing number of people are being forced to flee their homes due to severe weather events.


Don’t wait, Act NOW

Tragedies of this magnitude can make you feel like there’s nothing you can do, but you can help!

Winter Relief

Since 2016, we have been providing winter packs to address the different needs of families across the world and right here at home. Help families survive the harsh winter with a focus on displaced families.


Winter Clothes Pack: $50

Family's warm clothing: gloves, hats and scarves.

Winter Essentials Pack: $100

Family warm clothing, blankets and food for 1 month.

Family Emergency Pack: $500

Family's warm clothing, blankets, food and shelter for 1 month.

Thirst Relief

Higher temperatures and less predictable weather conditions are affecting availability and distribution of rainfall, snowmelt, and river flows. Provide  children with sustainable access to clean drinking water.


Solar Power Water Pump

Solar Panels for the Well & for the Submersible Pump

Solar Panel & Water Center

Can provide a life-time of water for over 3,000 villagers.

Solar Power Water Tank

Safe drinking water from alternate solar energy

Emergency Response Preparedness:

When it comes to disasters there’s no time to waste. Penny Appeal USA responds immediately in time of need. Help survivors receive aid faster by allowing us to have emergency supplies ahead of time.


Food Pack and Family Essentials Kit

1 month of food, hygiene & sanitation items and baby diapers.


Give a family security and protection; shelter including mattress and blankets.

Complete Emergency Pack

Provide Food Pack, Family Essentials Kit, and Shelter in this time of emergency.

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