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Your Zakat can make a BIG difference.

Zakat is an annual charitable payment that goes on to benefit the poor and needy, and is Religious obligation for Muslims everywhere.

Your Zakat is a beautiful pillar of Islam that allows you to care for orphans and the elderly, provide food and water, deliver healthcare and education, or even provide emergency aid to those stuck by disaster.

Donate your Zakat to any of our Zakat-eligible appeals today:

Feed Our World

Go beyond a one-time gift, and help feed our world every month. Provide millions of life-saving, nutritious meals to families in need starting at $45 per month.


Thirst Relief

We believe the best gifts are those that impact the lives of many. Show someone you love how much you care by building a well in their honor.



Your generous gift of $30/mo can help support one orphaned child.


Emergency Response

When it comes to disasters, whether natural or man-made, there's no time to waste. You can provide immediate aid to communitites in need.


All our programs are Zakat-Eligible.

Your Zakat fuels change. At Penny Appeal USA, all of our programs are zakat-eligible. That means your zakat can bring nutritious meals to families, sponsor an orphan, provide a well, and more!


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Below you'll find some FAQs about our campaign. If you have any more questions, please feel free to chat with our team.

What is Zakat?
Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and also an act of worship. It literally means 'to purify'. By donating a small part of one's assets to those in need, a Muslim purifies his/her wealth and makes the wealth gained pleasing to Allah.
What is the meaning and purpose of Zakat?
Zakat is not only a means to purify one’s wealth but it is also a spiritual purification which serves as a means to draw an individual closer to God. As one of the scholars said, “the soul of one who gives zakat is blessed and so is his wealth”. It is quite clear from the above narration that in addition to being a moral obligation, Zakat is also a spiritual one which is why millions of Muslims every year give Zakat to the poor.

'In their wealth there is a known share for the beggars and the destitute.’ (70:24-25)
Who pays Zakat?
All Muslim adults who are sane of mind and possess the nisab (i.e. the minimum amount of wealth held for a year) should pay Zakat.
What is the nisab and how is it calculated?
The nisab is determined by the current value of gold or silver. While we encourage everyone to use the silver nisab value because it is the safest opinion and increases charity for those in need, it is ultimately up to the Zakat giver to determine which value they prefer to use. Our nisab values are updated daily making our calculator one of the safest ways to calculate your Zakat online.
How much is Zakat?
Your Zakat is calculated based off the net assets you have at the end of a one-year period. To calculate how much Zakat you owe, please use the calculator form.
How does Penny Appeal USA use Zakat funds?
Penny Appeal USA uses Zakat funds to help poor communities both in the USA and in isolated and remote corners of the world. We assist them when emergencies and natural disasters befall them through providing water, food and shelter. We also use Zakat funds for development projects such as providing communities with a source of income and providing them the skills and tools needed to get back on their feet.

Confused about Zakat? Download our Zakat Guide!

Our team has put together a Zakat guidebook to help you with all your Zakat questions.

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