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We've helped over 15,000 Rohingya families to-date. Help us reach another 15,000 by supporting our work today.

Nearly 1 Million Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh following violence in Myanmar. The number is rising. They need your help, fast.

Far from home and afraid for their lives, most of the Rohingya people are now dependent on aid for all their basic needs – food, water, shelter and medical care. Make a donation today to provide relief to the neglected Rohingya people.

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  • Emergency Response

    Food Pack for $50

    Our food packs contain nutritional items like pasta, rice, sugar and chickpeas and can support families for an entire month.

  • Emergency Response

    Family Essentials Kit for $100

    Simple things such as hygiene and sanitation items, clothes and blankets can make a big difference to the health of refugees.

  • Emergency Response

    Medical Supply for $200

    Provides a family with a medical kit and medicines.

  • Emergency Response

    Shelter for $350

    Give a family warmth, security and protection by providing them with shelter.

  • Emergency Response

    Super Shelter for $3000

    Each shelter can house eight families, providing warmth, security and protection.


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Photos from our work with the Rohingya people can be found here.

Have questions about our Emergency Response campaign for the Rohingya people?

Below you'll find some FAQs about our Emergency Response campaign for the Rohingya. If you have any more questions, please feel free to chat with our team.

What's happening to the Rohingya?

An estimated 123,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh following violence in Mayanmar. The number is rising. They need your help, fast.

Treated worse than animals, this dehumanisation of the Rohingya people has become ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Human rights violations and destruction are rife, with women raped, children abused and villages burned to the ground.

Homes, shops and entire villages are being burned to the ground. The refugees fleeing the violence have crossed the border injured and ill and need urgent medical attention. The camps in Bangladesh do not have sufficient resources to treat the injured or feed the many that haven't eaten in days.

There is a mass exodus from the country as people flee for their lives, facing perilous journeys to do so. Dozens of refugees, including children, are missing and presumed dead, as Rohingya Muslims were forced to risk everything to escape this brutal persecution.

Far from home and afraid for their lives, most are now dependent on aid for all their basic needs – food, water, shelter and medical care.

What is Penny Appeal doing to help the Rohingya people?

We have been working in Burma constructing Barracks and Shelter for internally displaced people in Say Tha Mar Gyi Camp near Sittwe Township particularly. This area is unfortunately the epicentre of community violence in Arakan - where more than 250,000 civilians have seen food supplies cut off in the latest round of violence.

Over 680 Rohingyan's have so far benefitted from the construction of these provisions and our partners are working on the development and construction of further household shelters for families in Pauk Taw Township as part of our resettlement project.

Are you working in Burma (Myanmar)?

Yes, we are also responding to the crisis by way of providing essential food and non perishable items in Myanmar.

The situation is constantly changing, while we have been delivering long terms aid within Myanmar we are currently standing by as the government is refusing aid for the Rohingya community. We have teams in neighbouring Bangladesh where we are continuing to distribute aid to those fleeing violence.

How long has Penny Appeal been helping the Rohingya people?

Penny Appeal teams have been providing life saving aid to the Rohingya community since 2015.

In November 2016 the Rohingya people were in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Escalating violence caused the death of at least 86 people, and up to 30,000 people have been forced out of their homes.

Our teams were on the ground in places like Sittwe, Burma, delivering life-saving essential aid to those in the camps. We provided food, hygiene and sanitation items, and clean water. We also rebuilt shelters that were destroyed or damaged.
Please donate today to help the Rohingya refugees who now need your help more than ever.