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Hundreds Dead in the Wake of Devastating Tsunami

A series of tsunamis have continued to devastate Indonesia following this year's 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake and aftershocks. Penny Appeal is providing immediate relief to the victims across various areas of health, hygiene, food, medical aid, and shelter. We need your help.

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The Facts & Figures

Following the most recent tsunami on December 23rd, more than 220 people have been killed and 843 injured in coastal towns on Indonesia's Sunda Strait.

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Have questions about our Campaign?

Below you'll find some FAQs about our campaign. If you have any more questions, please feel free to chat with our team.

What happened?
In the wake of a series of powerful earthquakes in August, Indonesia was struck with a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake on September 28th and a subsequent Tsunami with waves reported to have reached 20-feet high immediately afterwards. As of September 29th, the tsunami is reported to have killed 384 people in the hard-hit city of Palu alone.

The earthquake and tsunami that struck in late September are a stark reminder of Indonesia's susceptibility to natural disasters and the need for international support.
What's the death toll of the Earthquake?
At least 384 people have tragically lost their lives within the first day. There are reports of bodies strewn across Palu which indicates that this number is set to rise over the coming days, as rescue workers begin to dig through the debris. Without the aid they so desperately need, this number could increase beyond measure, as the long-term effects of this disaster could have devastating consequences in terms of food security, water, sanitation, and health.
Are there any reported injuries?
The true number is not yet discernible, as power cuts to the area have left limited lighting to see the true extent of the devastation. Many buildings have been destroyed. This Earthquake and Tsunami follows an earlier earthquake in early Auguts where around 40 people were believed to have been inside a mosque when the earthquake hit, and authorities resorted to digging by hand in their desperation to find survivors. The lack of lifting equipment has slowed efforts to reach those who have been injured, causing fear of further deaths among those who cannot be retrieved in time.
Are communications down?
The island’s power is still down and communication lines have been cut, making it impossible to find survivors.The number of missing is currently unknown, and families have been torn apart with no hope of finding each other as they are evacuated to safe areas.
What is needed?
The island is in severe need of medical aid, as emergency rooms are overflowing with patients, forcing doctors to treat the injured outside.

Shelter is an area of key priority, as those that have been displaced desperately need protection. Along with power and communication, water has also been reported to have been cut off, making this an area of acute need. Damage to infrastructure means that sanitation facilities have been destroyed, posing dangerous risks to hygiene. Supplies are limited, particularly among those who have been displaced. The impact that the presence of these refugees will have on their new host communities and their supplies and infrastructure is yet to be established.

It cannot be overstated that the victims and survivors of this terrible tragedy are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. Without these, this disaster is certain to escalate beyond measure.
How does Penny Appeal plan to respond?
Penny Appeal is providing immediate relief to the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami across various areas of health, hygiene, food, medical aid, and shelter. We will be providing all of the basic essentials needed by those who have been affected by the disaster. Our partners are working through the National Disaster Coordination and we are considering deploying a team to the country to aid in relief efforts.

We will be providing aid across a variety of areas, providing immediate relief to those in need. The exact items that we will be provided are subject to change, as providing tailored support is at the heart of the Penny Appeal ethos. As such, we will be adopting a dynamic approach to ensure that we respond appropriately to each need, and are able to adapt our support to meet the changing needs of the crisis as it develops.