Gaza Emergency Response

Provide life-saving aid to Gaza families today.

million are suffering from unsafe water, sever food insecurity, and weak medical help.

Recent developments have seriously exacerbated the existing challenges faced by Palestinians such as acute food insecurity, limited access to clean, safe water, insufficient medical supplies, restriction of movement, and weak infrastructure. Before the latest outbreak of violence, figures suggested that an estimated 2.5 million Palestinians would require humanitarian assistance in 2019, which equates to a shocking one in two people. With such a sudden and severe outbreak of violence, this figure could rise exponentially in the coming weeks.

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The blockade on Gaza has led to shortages of basic items such as food and fuel, leading to a humanitarian disaster. Over 96% of Gaza’s water is unsafe to drink, with only 11% of Palestinians in Gaza having access to safe drinking water. For 1.9 million, electricity can only be accessed for 4 – 6 hours per day. Over 45% of the population are unemployed, and with strong restrictions on agriculture and fishing, the people of Gaza are essentially forbidden from bringing themselves out of crisis.

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