Afghanistan Emergency

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan worsens after extreme civil unrest in the past few weeks. There is an urgent need for food and basic necessities at the moment.

Hundreds of Afghan families are left in sweltering heat without food and basic necessities.

On August 15th the country was overtaken, leaving an already war-torn Afghanistan in an increasingly worsening condition. 

While thousands of people crowded the airport to flee, many families remain unsure of their future. Not knowing if they could go back to their homes or stay in open fields for the fear of their families being hurt. These families, along with their children, have been without food for many days now. 

According to the UN World Food Programme  the country is in need of $200m in food assistance. 18 million people require aid, half of them are children under the age of five, who already suffer from malnutrition due to a second drought in the past four years. 

With increasing turmoil across the country, the people of Afghanistan are in dire need of assistance. 

Donate now to provide Food and Basic Necessities to the people of Afghanistan. Donate Now.

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