If your love language is giving, is the day of love one of your favorite holidays?

Valentine’s Day may not be the first holiday to come to mind when thinking about ‘giving’, but it’s true! It’s expected that Americans will spend $21.8 billion dollars on gifts this year (see? It’s a huge day of giving). Buying chocolate, having dinner together, and giving flowers are some of the hallmarks of the holiday.

But, of course, there will always be those missing out on the receiving, and that’s not just referring to the singletons. On this day dedicated to love, it’s important to not only show compassion to those nearest and dearest to us, but also to those in need of a little tenderness and warmth.

Giving back looks different for everyone. Here’s a guide we put together for you based on the well-known, “5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.

1. Words of Affirmation – “Will you be my Valentine?”

Sometimes a reminder that we’re not alone is enough to brighten someone’s day. Consider writing Valentine’s Day cards to your local nursing home, children’s hospital or shelter. We all need an emotional boost every once in a while, what better way to deliver that than through a loving card?

2. Physical Touch – It’s all in the snuggles!

The pandemic is pretty much the Grinch of Valentine’s Day, since COVID-19 stole our loving hugs and kisses. There’s no perfect way to replace human touch, but a little love and a lot of warmth might do the trick. Part of our emergency relief kits include a heavy blanket and gloves, making for the perfect source of comfort! Check out more at: PAUSA.org/Winter

3. Giving Gifts – Share the gLOVEs!

Valentine’s Day tends to fall around the coldest time of the year. As the cold temperatures outside persist, there are many without the means to protect themselves from the chill. That’s why we launched our ‘Share the gLOVEs’ campaign as part of our larger Winter Emergency, so that our givers have a place to turn to. By making a gift of $10, you are providing 2 pairs of gloves to a child in need!

4. Quality Time – What is fundraising without a little bit of “fun”?

Zoom’s Marketplace offers apps that allow users to set up fundraising events, complete with a real-time donor feed and total amount raised. This holiday you can still host grand parties with your friends, while simultaneously supporting a good cause! Maybe you could even host your very own Winter Emergency fundraiser!

5. Acts of Service – Volunteer!

There are many calls to help that need answering. Our very own #TeamOrange volunteers address those needs and you can join! From packing food hampers to community cleanups, there is no shortage of opportunities to serve.

As the cold temperatures outside persist, there are many without the means to protect themselves from the chill. Unlike your previous Valentines, they’re not expecting diamonds, an expensive meal at a 5-star restaurant or a brand new car. They want the simple things in life that we often take for granted like winter hats, gloves, and scarves. That’s why we launched our ‘Share the gLOVEs’ campaign, so that our givers have a place to turn to. To learn more, visit: PAUSA.org/Winter

What are your traditions of giving? Let us know!