Help domestic violence survivors!

domestic violence

In October 2020, you helped Penny Appeal USA open its first domestic violence shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina! The shelter is the first Muslim-run domestic violence Shelter in the Carolinas, providing for all, regardless of faith, culturally sensitive services.

From January 2021 to present, the domestic violence shelter has been a refuge for 24 brave survivors. With many being accompanied by their children. Survivors are most often in need of emergency shelter and transitional housing. This remains one of the most unmet needs for survivors. We’re so happy and proud to share that 20 of these residents have found jobs and/or apartments following counseling and care. If saving one life is like saving all of humanity, we can only imagine the reward of saving +24 lives!

We want to move towards the sustainability of this much-needed shelter, by covering the rent, security, and running costs, while also expanding our services.

domestic violence

There is #PowerInMovement 🚌

We asked survivors at our shelter what they needed most aside from the basic essentials you help provide. Often, they’ll mention transportation.

Studies have shown that transportation is important in escaping and recovering from domestic violence (and even poverty). Transportation services are often overlooked or under-prioritized in shelters/agencies. But we have a way for YOU to change that!

For $30 donors can purchase a bus pass for a survivor! This way she can travel independently to her job, classes, and other opportunities!

domestic violence

There is #PowerInSecurity🔒

Even if someone has left an abuser, it is not guaranteed that the abuse will end. Survivors can endure harassment or stalking, even after leaving their homes.

In fact, without safe housing, she is more likely to go back to her abuser. That’s why safety is a top priority at our Shelter in North Carolina. Without having to worry about whether or not she and her children will be safe, she can now focus on her future and regain control of her life.

Safe housing can provide a route to freedom. For $100, you can contribute to the rent and security systems for the shelter🏡.

domestic violence

There is #PowerInHealth⚕️

Besides rent, food, and essential items, the shelter’s expenditures include the salaries of social workers, counselors, and other staff members.

All are at the forefront in restoring the physical, emotional, and mental health of survivors and their children. The much-needed counseling and support provided through shelter programs and individual counseling helps the healing process and allows residents to imagine a brighter future for themselves!

For $50, you can contribute to a survivor’s health by covering the costs of her health needs!

domestic violence

Every Penny Counts so #PledgeYourPower 💪💜  for Domestic Violence Survivors!

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women suffer from domestic partner violence, and the COVID-19 crisis is increasing those rates. But together, we know that we can create change! Our #PledgeYourPower campaign calls for YOU to exercise your power and freedom to empower and free somebody else. So use it!

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