Penny Appeal USA is Honored to Join the Alliance To End Hunger & its Members in the Fight Against Hunger

Penny Appeal USA is a national 501(c)(3) organization based in Alexandria, VA. We are a relief and development organization with a really big vision for the world. Alongside other members of the global Penny Appeal family, our vision is to create the best societies we can and to break the cycles of need and poverty for good. Per our slogan, we work to turn small change into a big difference. We do this not only here in the US but in over 30 countries across the world.

We all know that over 800 million people across the globe are currently suffering from hunger. The COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated the need for nourishment across the globe and according to the UN, has pushed 50 million more people into extreme poverty. The major loss of income due to the pandemic and broken food supply chains worldwide are only two factors that explain these numbers. Our work today as organizations and companies eager to eradicate hunger is more important than ever.

Food pack distribution in Yemen

At Penny Appeal USA we address food insecurity through several programs, including Feed our World, Emergency Response, and Income Generation. We are currently providing meals and food packs to people in need across the globe in 36 countries, including Syria, Yemen and Bangladesh. Last year alone, through our Feed our World program and thanks to the generous donations of our supporters globally, we served food to over 100,000 beneficiaries.

COVID-19 Emergency Response in Syria

Our Emergency Response program provides lifesaving meals to those impacted by natural disasters and conflicts. Since mid-March for example, we have provided financial assistance and food boxes to families as part of our COVID-19 response.  The economic impact of COVID-19 is forcing too many Americans to make difficult choices for themselves and their children. Already in the US alone, we have distributed over $1.4m USD in the form of direct assistance to families nationwide.

Vegetable Gardens in Pakistan

Finally, our Income Generation programs promote sustainability and resilience among rural communities. Through our Vegetable Gardens and Livestock Gifts program for example, we provide women and their families with land, seeds, livestock and the tools they need to grow bountiful gardens and become self-sufficient. Last year alone, 16 families on one plot of land in Pakistan grew over 23,800 pounds of fresh produce. These families are well on their way to escaping food insecurity.

We are honored to join a collective of like-minded organizations and individuals who share the Alliance’s mission. We know that we cannot fight hunger alone and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the Alliance in our shared efforts to end hunger for good.