Empowering Change in the Community with Muslim Youth Mentors

Muslim Youth Mentors and Penny Appeal USA join forces, raising $10,000 through a charity hike for Palestine and Afghanistan relief - a testament to the power of unity and shared purpose!

At Penny Appeal USA, we are elated to share an uplifting story that underscores the transformative influence of collaboration and collective efforts within our community, emphasizing remarkable initiatives dedicated to Palestine and Afghanistan spearheaded by a remarkable organization that originated in 2016—the Muslim Youth Mentors.

Founded by three visionary brothers from New York’s Valley Stream community, Muslim Youth Mentors is more than an organization; it’s a movement with a mission encapsulated by the three Cs—Career, Community Service, and Connection. Their dedication to nurturing careers, fostering community spirit, and providing critical volunteering opportunities has created a profound impact, especially for Muslim high schoolers, college students, and young professionals.

Four years ago, Ali Imran joined this dynamic environment not merely as a mentee but as a living testament to his own potential for leadership and impact. Enrolling in an accelerated program, Ali is now a Physician Assistant actively supporting community members through education, mentorship, and career guidance. Reflecting on his journey, Ali emphasizes the importance of youth taking initiative and responsibility, stating, “We are the generation that is going to make change in the United States and in the world.” With every action, they exemplify the power of unity, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. “Even one person, when they raise their voice, others will notice,” he reflects. “It’s a call to action, a testament to the potential each individual holds in their hands.”

Ali’s proactive spirit led him to reach out to Penny Appeal USA last month, expressing the Muslim Youth Mentors’ interest in collaborating on efforts to raise awareness and funds for emergency relief in Palestine and Afghanistan. Recognizing our initiatives and trusted partnerships, they initiated a collaboration, organizing a charity hike and launching a $10,000 campaign for relief efforts in the two regions.

As the community gathered together for the hike, they demonstrated the essence of solidarity by standing firmly behind those facing harsh realities. After joining together, there’s now $10,000 that will be directed towards relief efforts.

This collaboration with Penny Appeal USA exemplifies the power that lies within collective action, reinforcing the belief that change can begin with a single step, a shared endeavor, and a resounding voice of compassion.

Ali emphasizes the importance of turning your passion into your purpose and believing that there is “a duty to learn from previous generations, to build on those lessons, make a change within ourselves and within our communities.”

Muslim Youth Mentors working with Penny Appeal reflects the power of unity and shared purpose. When people join together, it’s a powerful reminder that hope is never in vain, and the collective strength of a community can make a difference.