COVID-19 Emergency Response 2021: American Families Still Need our Assistance

#TeamOrange putting together food packages for those effected by COVID-19
COVID-19 continues to ravage communities across the globe. As of today, over 2 million people worldwide have died because of the virus, and here in the U.S. over 400,000 have passed away at a staggering rate of 4,000 individuals per day.

Not only are families losing loved ones to the pandemic, but the world-wide health crisis has pushed millions more people into poverty. In America alone, over 65 million employees have filed for unemployment since March 2020, and over 8 million people have fallen below the poverty line. Data demonstrates that many of those people are from historically oppressed communities, already burdened by lower wages, lack of healthcare, and ongoing marginalization.

Despite these grievous losses, the U.S. government has only recently provided a meager $600 in relief. In order to further our mission to eradicate poverty at home and abroad, we have partnered with over 20 organizations to launch a fundraising campaign to assist families nationwide who are financially struggling because of COVID-19.

In our first coronavirus emergency response campaign in March 2020, we raised over $1.5M from thousands of generous supporters and were able to help over 1,400 families in need. In our new campaign, we aim to assist another 900 families. Below is a testimony from one family we’ve been able to support:

Thank you very much for your assistance. My family and I are extremely grateful; we are currently going through tough times as my husband lost his job, and my 19-year-old who is back from college due to this pandemic is also having a hard time getting a job. I work at the local hospital as a CNA, helping COVID-19 patients. I have seen many die, and it’s very sad, especially rolling their dead bodies down the hospital corridor towards a freezer truck. I am working overtime to make ends meet, sometimes 90+ hours/week. Again thank you very much, and God bless the work you do to help us out.  

You can help by:

  1. Making a gift.
  2. Sharing the grant application link with those whom you know who have lost income.
  3. Promoting the campaign within your own networks.

When many people come together, our joint efforts can have a tremendous impact.