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Caring for Orphans as an Act of Faith

Caring for orphans is both a religious obligation and a social responsibility. By providing support and compassion to orphans, we can help them overcome challenges and provide them with a stable and supportive environment to thrive, fulfilling our duty and investing in the future of our communities. This is a core principle of Penny Appeal USA's work.

Nourishing Hope Around the World

Hunger is a persistent challenge affecting millions worldwide, especially vulnerable communities and children. Penny Appeal USA aims to provide nutritious meals through hunger relief efforts around the world. Every meal matters and everyone deserves a chance to savor the taste of hope and possibility.

Solar Wells in Afghanistan Transform Lives

In this blog post, we will delve into a compelling case study featuring Abdul Rahman, a resident of Afghanistan, and the profound and lasting effects of Penny Appeal USA's solar wells and power center in the village of Bahu Kariz. This illuminating example underscores the far-reaching impact of renewable energy infrastructure on local communities around the world.

10 Things I Love About Ramadan

Penny Appeal USA is pleased to share with you a popular article by Arsalan Iftikhar about what we know and love about the blessings and rewards of Ramadan. For over a billion Muslims worldwide, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan…