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Million people die from dirty water each year.

Through our Thirst Relief programs, we’re providing safe water to enable locals to drink, wash, clean and irrigate their crops as well as hydrate their animals. Our Thirst Relief programs lead to healthier lives, better educated communities and a route out of poverty.

Penny Appeal USA works with area governments to identify regions most in need and partners with builders to construct all of our wells, which means your gift also supports the local economy. During the construction phase, we also work alongside the community to teach them how to care for their wells and provide hygiene training.

Because we work with regional governments, then contract with area builders, and many times have to transport material to remote areas of the country, the process can take up to a year from the time we receive your full donation. However, when your well is completed, take joy in knowing that you’ve provided desperately needed clean water, supported the local economy, and freed many women from having to travel miles to the nearest body of water. Time that can now be spent caring for children, starting their own business, or getting an education.

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Handpumps and Deep Water Wells

Building a well is an excellent way to honor the memory of a loved one. help save those lives by providing communities with access to clean, safe water starting at $425 per well.

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Solar Panel Water and Power Center

We’re innovating by harnessing the power of the sun to provide water and electricity. These incredible feats of engineering can provide water and electricity to entire communities.

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Gaza Water Tanker

Help provide clean water to schools, orphanages and hospitals by supporting a Gaza Water Tanker

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Sadaqah Jariyah

Building a well in honor of a loved one is the perfect way to give long lasting charity while also providing clean water to those in need. Earn continuous rewards with a $35/month gift.

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How clean water changed one village.

By providing access to clean, safe drinking water—as well as sanitation and hygiene education—you can promote educated and healthy societies. Watch to see how building a well transformed this community.

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